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·        General photo galleries

o   Country-by-country travel photos gallery

o   3/30/2010: Passover at Phil’s

o   4/2/2010: Easter in VT

o   4/4/2010: Phil’s surprise birthday party

o   4/10/2010: Forest’s 7th birthday party

o   4/10/2010: Coconut, the leopard gecko

o   Photos by Forest!

o   My hogs go to market

o   The moose across the street (and here’s a video)


·        Miscellaneous

o   Photo: my eggs!

o   Web page: Hawaiian reef identification (with lots of photos)

o   Very cool movie (1:28) of our summer 2008 garden (courtesy of our neighbor Heidi)


·        Wildlife videos

o   Black bear in my neighborhood, White Meadow Lake, Rockaway, NJ, May 2002 (AVI, 1:30, 320 MB)


·        Time lapse videos on YouTube (with my favorites at the top of the list – I love making time lapse videos! I use my webcam.):

o   Chickens in the yard

o   Leaving Venice 

o   Drive through 5 states

o   Snow falling

o   Clouds over the Greek islands

o   Leaving Izmir, Turkey

o   Entering Katakolon, Greece

o   Sailing past Venice at night


·        Family videos on YouTube (with my favorites at the top of the list):

o   Forest (at 5) on the climbing wall

o   Forest (at 3) throwing a Frisbee

o   Forest (at 5) knitting


·        Baby music videos

o   Disco Reed


·        Travel photos and videos (with my favorites at the top of the list):

o   Hawaii videos on YouTube

§  Kilauea volcano lava flowing into the ocean, Hawaii   

§  Nakele blowhole, Maui

§  Submarine ride, Kona, Hawaii (spot the white tip reef shark!)

o   Venice videos on YouTube

§  Venice vaporetto ride

§  Festival of Santa Maria della Salute (a yearly festival in Venice)

§  Our apartment in Venice (shows where our apartment was located)

§  Campo Bandiera e Moro (our campo) in Venice (kind of boring)

o   Tunis medina, Tunisia video on YouTube

o   2006 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta videos on YouTube

§  Key grab (a competition to grab an envelope containing keys to a new truck—watch how close we come!)

§  Liftoff (but you gotta promise not to make fun of me!)

§  Special shapes (from a distance)

o   Photos from atop the World Trade Center (May 2000)

o   Photo gallery: Rockaway Township Fire Department (2001-2)


·        Snorkeling videos on YouTube (with my favorites at the top of the list):

o   Web page: Hawaiian reef identification (with lots of videos)

o   Night dive with the manta rays, Kona, Hawaii (wow!)

o   Octopus (local file, 18 GB – he inks me!)

o   Green sea turtle, Puako Bay, Hawaii (he gets very close!)

o   Spotted eagle ray, Black Rock, Hawaii (very cool!)

o   Crown of thorns sea star, Puako, Hawaii

o   Kapalua Bay, Maui (crazy pufferfish!)

o   Champagne Reef, Dominica (which naturally bubbles)

o   Black Rock, Maui

o   Green sea turtle, Black Rock, Maui

o   Sea turtle in Barbados

o   Ka’anapali Beach, Maui

o   Angel Reef, Tobago




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