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Owning the Scientific Method through Active Learning




Owning the Scientific Method




How to Add Current Events Videos to Lectures




Popular Music Can Enliven Your Classroom

    • By Eric J. Simon.
    • Strategies for Success Newsletter 43 (Spring 2005)
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    • This article was reprinted in Science Teachers of New York State Teachers Bulletin, v.69:1 (2006).





Human Gene Therapy: Genes without Frontiers?

    • By Eric J. Simon.
    • American Biology Teacher v.64:4, p.264-270 (April 2002).
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    • Abstract:  Human gene therapy, the augmentation of a patient's genome with artificially introduced genetic material, is one of the most exciting subjects in modern biology; it captures the interest of introductory biology students due to its cutting edge nature, easily understood enormous medical potential, and myriad ethical issues. Within the last few years, there have been important advances in human gene therapy that may herald the start of a golden age in this field. However, there have also been some startling setbacks that threaten to scuttle any possible benefits.



Anthrax: A Guide for Biology Teachers

    • By Eric J. Simon.
    • American Biology Teacher v.64:1, p.11-19 (2002).
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    • Abstract: Information for instructors is presented on the nature of anthrax with particular emphasis on medical and biological warfare issues.
    • Note: In 2002, this papers was distributed as a reprint to 5,000 high school biology teachers in Canada, courtesy of Boreal Laboratories.

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Are E-books Ready for the Classroom?

    • By Eric J. Simon.
    • Syllabus v.15:2, p.28-9 (Sept. 2001).
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    • Abstract: Improvements in e-book hardware have made them more viable for student use. What they need now is content.




An Experiment Using Electronic Books in the Classroom

    • By Eric J. Simon.
    • Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching, v.21:1 (Jan. 2002).
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Technology Instead of a Textbook: Alternatives for the Introductory Biology Classroom

    • By Eric J. Simon.
    • American Biology Teacher v.63:2, p.89-95 (Feb. 2001).
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    • Abstract: A set of collaboratively-created instructional technologies has been used as a replacement for, rather than a supplement to, a traditional introductory biology text.





Collaborative Website Construction

    • By Eric J. Simon.
    • Journal of College Science Teaching v.30:6, p.382-4 (Feb. 2001).
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    • Abstract: Collaborative website construction is a model whereby students and instructors work together to build a course website for use as a classroom supplement. Students participate by progressively adding or enhancing subject content on the site. In evaluations, students indicated that the process was useful and they made valuable suggestions for expanding it.









Electronic Textbooks: A Pilot Study of Student E-Rading Habits

    • By Eric J. Simon.
    • The Future of Print Media Winter 2000.
    • Click here to open a PDF version of this article (34K, 5 pages, color).
    • Abstract: The day when students can trade their 30-pound book bags for lightweight portable reading devices no longer seems far in the future. Several companies are now marketing appliances that may be suitable for use in education and textook publishers are cautiously converting some of their print titles into e-book formats. While few doubt the willingness of students to trade atoms for bits, little is known about how they might use e-books and the value digital technologies might add to the reading and learning experience. A few enterprising educators have begun conducting pilot studies to address these questions. The author shares the results of one e-textbook study.



Copyrights and the Educator

    • By Eric J. Simon and Kurt Saunders.
    • Journal of College Science Teaching v.30:2, p.100-5 (2000).
    • Click here to upload a PDF version of this paper (18.2MB, 6 pages+cover, color).
    • Abstract: Most educators realize that copyright law could potentially impace their classroom activities but are confused by the underlying legal principles. This article clarifies important copyright issues, including ones involving the Internet, and presents practical advice on how to comply with the law. Several examples illustrate how science teachers can proceed without fear of repurcussion.
    • Note: This article was chosen as a Finalist for the Distinguished Achivements Awards (Feature Article) by The Assocation of Educational Publishers. This article also won the Bronze Award by the Society of National Association Publications in the category of Scholarly Journals Feature Article.











A Structural Model for the Core of the Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid Fibril







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